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Cal High Athletics

Welcome to 2020-2021

The CIF (California Interscholastic Federation of sport) released their updated 2020-2021 sports Calendar.  The State has modified the normal 3 sports season year to a 2 sports season schedule.   Once the CIF calendar was released our section - NCS (North Coast Section) released calendar 

The four high schools of the San Ramon Valley Unified School district will be working with the EBAL (East Bay Athletic League) and the district to clarify information, schedules and guidelines for the upcoming sports seasons.  As more information becomes available we will post  on this site.  


Keep track of all Cal High Athletics at the site below. You can also download the Digital Scorebook Live app in the app store so you can follow your favorite high school team.

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2020-21 Athletic Start Dates
FALL Start Date
FOOTBALL 12/14/20
WATER POLO (BOYS & Girl's) 12/14/20
Spring Start Date
Badminton 02/22/21
BASEBALL 03/15/21
GOLF (BOYS & GIRLS) 03/15/21
SOCCER (BOYS & GIRLS) 02/22/21
SOFTBALL 03/15/21
TENNIS (BOYS & GIRLS) 03/08/21


Athletic Registation 2020-2021 Now Open


Everyone must first register on-line on the Cal High website (Athletic On-line Registration on the Athletics tab).  The following TWO forms must be printed, signed, uploaded to the site, and turned in to your coach at the first practice/tryout:

  1. Signed Confirmation Page from your on-line account (both student and parent signatures)
  2. Current physical with exam date and stamped by the doctor’s office (must state EXAM DATE)

Athletic Forms Upload Dates and times for 2020-21


Upload fall athletic forms before December 1 20, 2020 


Upload spring athletic forms before February 2, 2020

Note to athletes:

  • You must be cleared through Athletic Clearance, have your confirmation page turned in with a copy of an up to date physical prior to tryouts. Athletes may not try out if they have not been cleared. 

One stop registration for athletics go to:


Make sure you select -California / San Ramon (CIF -NCS) when registering for a High School 


Dates of Determination for the Athletic Eligibility for SRVUSD

This is to inform the students in the SRVUSD that they will become eligible or ineligible on the following dates for the 2020-21 school year.   Students must have a 2.00 GPA in order to participate on the official date of eligibility.  

Grade Period

   Ending Date       

*Official Date of Eligibility

1st Quarter


*October 14st 2020

1st Semester


*January 13th 2020

3rd Quarter         


*March 19rd 2020

2nd Semester         




  • Note: Dates noted with an asterisk are Dates of Determination.  No Grade changes are allowed after these dates for the use of eligibility. 

North Coast Section Grading Policy By-Law 205 Section 3

(3) Grading Period The grading period is the time when all students in a school are graded. If two grades are given at the end of a grading period, scholastic eligibility shall be established according to the grade issued for credit. 

a. Schools or Districts or Leagues or Sections must establish an eligibility date following the immediately previous grading period in compliance with their respective CIF Section Policy. This is the date on which all students become eligible and ineligible based on their officially posted grades in the immediately previous grading period. Note: This day is identified as the “date of determination”. 

b. Grades cannot be changed following the grading period for purposes of addressing any deficiency in an individual student’s scholastic eligibility. 

c. Only grades changed prior to the established eligibility date and changed in accordance with all California State Education Code requirements and approved by the principal may be used for purposes of determining scholastic eligibility.


Funding Athletics


High School athletics in the San Ramon Valley Unified School district are “self-funded.”  We cannot run the programs without your support.  High Schools do not receive district (tax dollar) funds for equipment, uniforms, transportation, and most coaching stipends.  As such, voluntary donations are solicited to fund these valuable programs. Without your generous donations sports at California High School cannot be offered. High school sports cost much less than outside club sports.  Please keep them afloat and ongoing with your donation. 

Voluntary Donations (defined)

Voluntary donations are needed to help alleviate our coaching staff from necessary administrative duties that the Athletic Department performs, and allows coaches to focus on our student-athletes.

These donations cover major operating costs of our athletic budget which includes:  officials, equipment, possible athletic trainers, supervision/security, facility, first aid supplies, CIF, NCS & League fees and various general expenses to operate our athletic department budget.. The suggested donation will be detailed in a specific sport budget presented to parents at an  orientation meeting after teams have been finalized.

Eligibility: It is a privilege, not a right, to participate in any extra-curricular activity. To be eligible to tryout for any sport, SRVUSD mandates that all athletes have a 2.0 GPA or higher based on their last quarter’s grades. A 2.0 GPA or higher must be maintained throughout the season or the athlete will become ineligible to participate.                  


IMPORTANT: SRVUSD Volunteer Requirements

SRVUSD is implementing a new system for all adults who wish to volunteer on a school campus or drive/chaperone day and overnight field trips and athletic events. This new Volunteer Management System features a web-based software application that allows the District and all schools to better track and provide the appropriate level of clearance for school volunteers.
ALL adult volunteers will need to go through this new process. The District will NOT be asking parents to incur any of the costs associated with these clearance processes.


More information, and to begin the application process.



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