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Crisis Resources

If you are experiencing a personal/family mental health emergency, please contact the following support hotlines:

  • California Youth Crisis Line:
    Youth Crisis Line Website 

    text or call 800-853-5200 Available 24/7/365
  • NAMI Crisis Text Line – [text NAMI to 741741]
  • Contra Costa County Crisis hotline: 800-833-2900
  • Alameda County Crisis hotline: 800-309-2131
  • National Lifeline hotline:

  • OR Call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room/hospital

Your life matters.

Contra Cost Crisis Center

Free & Confidential Mental Health library resource for students
Cameron s Collection  A Teen Mental Health eBook resource on GVRL

Cameron's Collection

Password: grizzlies


Wellness Center


What is Wellness?

Wellness is being aware of and making active choices towards living a life that is healthy, balanced, and fulfilling. Wellness is more than just physical health - it is a balance and integration of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

"...a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."
- The World Health Organization

"...a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential." - The National Wellness Institute
Click the button below to learn the 6 Dimensions of Wellness and Self Efficacy

Photo view of the Wellness Center from the entrance

Student wellness is a top priority of Cal High and SRVUSD. 

The Cal High Wellness Center works in partnership with the counseling department and student support to offer resources in the area of social-emotional learning, support, and community resources. The Wellness Center is also a place for students to get additional social/emotional support when they are under stress through individual brief counseling, workshops, and short breaks from the school day.

In addition to our dedicated School Social Worker and Student Support Counselor, students may be supported by counseling interns and through participation in group activities. 

Students may access the Wellness Center directly by drop-in or appointment, or through a referral from a parent, teacher, or peer. 

Common issues addressed include:

  • Academic Stress
  • Parent/Child Communication
  • Peer Relationships
  • Sexual Orientation/Gender Questions
  • Equity and Social Justice Issues
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Grief and Loss
  • Substance Use / Abuse
  • Resiliency and Self-Efficacy
  • Offsite Resources and Referrals

Workshops available to students include: 

  • Mindfulness
  • Study and Time Management Skills
  • Self-Efficacy and Advocacy
  • Peer to Peer Talking Circles
  • Recreational Self-Care
  • Preparing for College Life
  • Equity-Based Workshops
  • Conflict Resolution....and more.

During the 2020-2021 school year, services have been primarily through our Virtual Wellness Center, however, students who are on campus for hybrid learning may access the Wellness Center in person during the school day.

Open during the regular school year.  

Campus Hours:
Monday-Friday                         during 8 am - 3:30 pm

The Wellness Center entrance is directly across from the attendance office. 


Wellness Intake : 

(925) 803-xxxx
Mona Aziz
Wellness Intake Assistant 

Wellness Team:

Rachelle Goldenberg, MSW

School Social Worker
Wellness Center Coordinator

Patty Mullins
Student Support Counselor

Michelle Dooner
CHS Feeder Pattern
Social Worker (off site)

2021 Counseling Interns TBA

Rocky the Wonder Dog
Emotional Support Animal*
In the wellness center on Tuesdays and Fridays
*Support Animal Rocky is on campus in
compliance with Administrative Regulation
(AR 6163.2)

SEL Weekly Agenda: 

  • Mindful Mondays
  • Tune-In Tuesday
  • Wellness Wednesday
  • Thoughtful Thursday
  • Fun Friday