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Information on Reopening from the SRVUSD
Posted 7/15/20


A special Board of Education Meeting has been scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, July 16, 2020 at 6 p.m.  As always, the meeting will be live-streamed on the District’s YouTube channel. If you cannot view the meeting live, it will be recorded and available for viewing at a later date/time on the same YouTube channel. 


As we have been saying throughout this process, circumstances surrounding our situation change rapidly and, as a District, we remain prepared to pivot on a dime and adjust our actions as circumstances dictate, using the most up-to-date information available. Accordingly, there have been some key developments since yesterday’s Board meeting that impact the District's plans to reopen schools in the fall. 


This morning, California State Superintendent of Public Instruction (SSPI), Tony Thurmond, released a statement that addressed the reopening of schools. In that statement, Superintendent Thurmond validated that, “there is no playbook for the times we’re in.” School Districts throughout the State are challenged with preparing for a school year that keeps staff and students safe. We should plan for an eventual reopen, but if we cannot confirm the safety of staff and students, we should plan to open remotely. He reiterated that our ultimate goal is to have students back in the classroom.


A key factor in ensuring the safety of everyone on our campuses is the ability of local agencies to partner with local school districts when/if someone on a school campus exhibits symptoms of COVID-19. This morning, district staff further researched the capabilities of the County Department of Public Health (DPH) and checked in on their protocols for handling students or staff exhibiting COVID - 19  symptoms. Based on new information from local districts and after speaking with the County DPH again, it has become clear that the ability of the County DPH to investigate communicable diseases, conduct contact tracing and disseminate test results is limited. In order to ensure the safety of staff and students, the District must be able to manage the health protocols and communication workflow associated with reporting when a staff member or student shows symptoms at school.


Another consideration for the SRVUSD is that several of our surrounding school districts have made their reopening decisions in the last 24 hours. The SRVUSD must be sensitive to the fact that many of our families are impacted by the decisions of neighboring districts. Many work in one and have children in class in another. Supporting families is very important. In addition, the District has a social obligation to support our community as a whole.


To honor our commitment to adjust as needed, given these new developments and the acquisition of knowledge that we did not previously possess, at tomorrow’s meeting the Board of Education will hear a revised recommendation from staff regarding the reopening of schools.

The SRVUSD has been a leader in establishing protocols that protect the safety of staff and students. We have been consistent in our messaging since we suspended in-class instruction back on March 13th. At that time, we relied on the science to guide our actions. We must do the same thing now. 


This is a monumental task and getting it right is a lengthy process that demands flexibility. Your Board Members are committed to the safety of students and staff. Please join us for tomorrow’s Board Meeting. We thank you for your continued patience and understanding.