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Weekly Update #5
Posted 7/3/20

As the summer progresses, we are keenly aware of the sense of urgency that families feel about the need to be able to plan for fall. Schedules need to be set. Decisions need to be made. As a District, we are committed to providing families with what they need to know, as soon as possible, so that they can choose the option for the fall return to school that works best for their families.


What Can You Expect?

The next Board of Education meeting is on July 14th. At that meeting, the Board will hear a recap of the input we have gathered from our community in response to the Reopening Plan. The Board will hear and discuss the input in open session and will take action on what the learning options will be for school reopening in August. 


Following the July 14 Board meeting, the District will put out a recap of the Board’s decisions and ask families to commit to their option of choice for fall. Plan on receiving an email from the District shortly after that meeting asking you to make your selection. We will ask for a quick turnaround on those decisions so that the District can move forward with scheduling and concrete planning for exactly what fall will look like for our students.


What is Happening Now?

The District is working on specifics. We continue to coalesce the input we are receiving and to the best of our ability, we are turning that feedback into actionable items. We just completed our second round of Focus Groups. We are meeting with our local bargaining units and are working through how the options for reopening impact their members and how we can support them and mitigate the impacts as partners.


The American Academy of Pediatrics recently released a guidance document for the reopening of schools: COVID-19 Planning Considerations: Guidance for School Re-entry. It contains valuable information, based in science, that is helpful in determining what is best for students as we consider our options. 


We are in regular contact with the Contra Costa County Public Health Officer and we continue to refer to the Contra Costa County School Reopening Guide. We continue to receive guidelines and stipulations from the State that must be met when planning for next year. Most recently, the newly approved State budget contains specific information for school districts about the upcoming school year. More information can be found in this Budget Summary (the specifics about Education begin on page 31). For your information, we have provided a list of some of the most relevant points here:

  1. Minimum daily instructional minutes and minimum instructional day  

    1. Requirements are maintained, but may be met through a combination of in-person and distance learning instruction.  

  2. Distance Learning 

    1. Daily interaction with students is required as well as access to nutrition programs. 

  3. Distance learning attendance requirements 

    1. Documentation of daily student participation, weekly engagement records, and attendance reporting for purposes of chronic absenteeism tracking. 

    2. Local Educational Agencies offering distance learning must develop tiered re-engagement strategies for students who do not participate and must regularly engage with parents or guardians regarding academic progress. 


What Do I Need to Do Right Now?

  1. Complete the revised surveys sent to staff, parents and secondary students.

    1. Deadline is Monday, July 6th

    2. If you need help accessing the survey, please email

  2. Complete your Annual Update in the Parent Portal

    1. Please do this before school starts in the fall

  3. Enjoy the summer with your kids!


Thank you for your continued support. Your input is helping to direct our decisions. We are truly partners in this endeavor and we could not do it without you. Information about reopening can be found on our website: