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SRVUSD Weekly Update #3 | Reopening Together
Posted 6/17/20


Weekly Update #3 | Reopening Together Fall 2020-21



What We Have Done


Focus Groups: We want to thank all the parents and students who participated in our Focus Groups this past week. Hearing from you was valuable. There was great interest in the Focus Groups, and although we could not accommodate all the parents who wanted to participate, please know that providing feedback using one of our other methods is equally as impactful and is considered with the same level of importance. We will be doing more focus groups once our initial Planning and Guidance Document is available. 


Question and Answer Session: We completed our first online Question and Answer Session on June 11. That session was recorded and can be viewed on the District’s YouTube Channel. We will be conducting two additional Question and Answer sessions in the weeks to come.


Survey: We have posted results from the May 2020 survey on our website. We are using the results of this survey along with the feedback we have received from all of our other sources (Focus Groups, emails, Reopening Together Form, etc.) to put together a first draft of a Planning and Guidance Document. Based on the abundance of feedback that we have received, we know for sure that everyone’s needs and everyone’s level of tolerance for the risks associated with either in-school, at-home or a hybrid model of learning for the fall is varied and covers a wide range. We are putting together a plan that will allow for flexibility and options for families. Stakeholder input will be an important part of refining the plan once it is released. In addition to more Focus Groups, we will be conducting a second survey, as well. Based on your feedback, we will be sure that the next survey allows for comments. 


Just so you are aware, official District surveys are emailed to every parent in the SRVUSD. If you, or someone you know, did not receive our last survey, please email  so we can check on the status of your email in our system. In addition to sending an email, we post our information on the official SRVUSD Facebook page ( and on the District website. Every parent in our District is invited to take official District surveys.


What Comes Next


Board of Education Meeting: The next step in this process is to watch the Board of Education Meeting on June 23, 2020 at 7pm on the District’s YouTube Channel. At that time, we will be presenting the initial Planning and Guidance Document to the Board as part of our Reopening Together plan. Remember, our Reopening Plan consists of several steps. The presentation of the initial draft of the plan is part of step 2 in the process. There will be no action or decisions made at the June 23 meeting.


Our proposed timeline is: 

Gather community input -> Develop draft plan -> Gather input on plan -> Present plan


Provide Input on the Draft Plan: Watch for information about upcoming opportunities to provide feedback on the initial draft of the Planning and Guidance Document in a Focus Group (June 29) or by taking our survey (June 24-29). As always, feedback can be provided anytime by emailing or by completing this form available on our website.


Athletics Update


Fall Sports: The California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) will provide guidance by July 20th on the status of high school athletics for fall 2020. If sports are not able to begin this fall due to health and safety concerns, the CIF is prepared to offer alternative calendars. SRVUSD is committed to supporting student athletes in a return to sports as soon as possible. 


Parent To-Do List


Special Education Survey: Parents of students with Special Needs, please make sure to fill out the survey that was sent to you on Monday, 6/15. The link to the survey is posted on our Reopening Together webpage. The survey closes on Friday, June 19th at 5 p.m.


Annual Update: The Annual Update finishes opening tomorrow for all schools. All SRVUSD parents need to complete the Annual Update to ensure that your school knows how to contact you and your emergency contacts, what your permissions are, and any important updates to your student’s health and safety information. We encourage all families to complete the Update prior to the start of school so that office staff has the most current information for your student. Please visit our website for an Annual Update FAQ, as well as a link to the Parent Portal and more information.