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Grizzly Student-Athletes

Many student-athletes dream of competing at the collegiate level and we are proud to say we have had many Grizzlies turn their dream into a reality! More and more students are hoping to achieve their goal of earning an athletic scholarship and furthering their athletic career beyond high school. What most students must remember is that colleges recruit student-athletes, not just athletes. So, it is essential students maintain good grades and take appropriate classes to make sure they are meeting the requirements of both individual colleges and the NCAA. Navigate this page to find more resources on how to achieve your goal of becoming a college student-athlete!

NCAA Updates

The NCAA Eligibility Center is the site to help you plan for success as a student-athlete. This is where you will need to register as an eligible student-athlete if you hope to move on as a recruited prospect for college.  


The Guide for the College Bound Student-Athlete is now available for purchase or download. This publication will answer every question you ever had regarding the process of becoming an NCAA athlete. Fabulous information regarding the recruiting process as well, please make sure to check it out!


Make sure the courses you plan to take are approved by the NCAA. Click here to find out which classes meet their criteria. You will need our school code for access: 053229.


Visit the Resources section of this page for additional information regarding core class requirements.










Start your profile for free and find the necessary resources to get yourself recruited! Please see attached links for information and to begin your student-athlete profile!


NCSA Information

Begin your NCSA profile


Stay On Top of Your Game!

In addition to making sure you are meeting the core course requirements, you must also stay on top of your registration with the NCAA Eligibility Center! We will need to send your transcript to the NCAA on two occasions: at the end of your junior year / beginning of senior year and after graduation. Please remember to have this completed in a timely manner!

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