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Policies and Procedures


  • You must have picture ID to check out materials. This is to insure that only you can check out materials on your account. We accept any picture id.


  • Overdue fees are charged for later materials.  You will be charged 25 cents/day maximum of $10/item.


  • Regular fiction and non-fiction books circulated for three weeks. Graphic novels circulate for one week. Some reference books are available for overnight check out. If you need an item for longer, please renew to avoid overdue fees!


  •  There is no eating or drinking in the library. Water in a closable container is ok. Please, make sure the top is secured at all times, and kept away from all books and electronics!


  • The computers are for school related activities. If you are off task during class or during brunch and lunch, you may be asked to log off to allow a student who needs to complete school work access to the computers.


  • Please limit any printing to 5 pages. We have a limited budget for toner and paper and our biggest expense is printing that is left behind!



  • You must have a library pass to use the library during class time.


  • Students who wish to utilize the library during tutorial period must get a tutorial pass from the library staff before the beginning of the period. Appropriate uses of the facility include finishing class work, working on an essay, power point, quiet reading, studying and research. Students off task or playing games will not be allowed to use the library during this time.


  • The library hours are posted on the door. If there is a change from our normal business day, signage will be posted as soon as possible.