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2021-22 Plans


  • Celebration of Resolutions in Bear Facts and Instagram Competitions
  • More TBD!

Inclusion & Diversity

What is Inclusion & diversity ?


The Cal High community recognizes diversity values differences and similarities among people through its actions and accountability.  These characteristics include age, ethnicity, gender, language and culture, socioeconomic status, among many different things.

When PTSAs respect differences yet acknowledge shared commonalities uniting their communities, and then develop meaningful priorities based upon their knowledge, they genuinely represent their communities.  When PTAs represent their communities, they gain strength and effectiveness through increased volunteer and resource support.

As stated from California State PTAs:  Inclusion is a commitment to involve the entire school community in planning, as well as enjoying, PTSA programs and activities.  Bringing in many different views is the key to building a robust and meaningful PTSA in our community.  Members come with their own views, experiences, cultural heritage and traditions, skills and abilities, values and preferences.  California's public schools are a rich weave of these diverse threads, and their PTSAs must be as well.

  1. Recognize that involvement of diverse populations enriches PTSA activities and enhances the well being of all children and youth.
  2. Listen to all voices so that your PTSA can be an effective voice for ALL children.
  3. Celebrate diversity.  Break down barriers that discourage people or minimize their involvement.
  4. Include in your active membership a representation of all ethnic, cultural, religious, economic and social groups in the community.
  5. Ask:  Are there large underrepresented groups of your student population missing from your PTSA active membership?  Is there enough representation from all groups to give an understanding needed to be advocates for all children?  Does your PTSA seek a diverse membership?

Statement on I&D from San Ramon Valley Council of PTAs Website-[click to view]


Words Matter 2022

Words Matter/Cal Cares Week:  Feb  2022: 


Words Matter Poster Slideshow



2020-21 Recap:-

  • Cal High Principal, Megan Keefer, was awarded the San Francisco 49ers Dr. Harry Edwards "Follow Your Bliss" Award.                    Link to Announcement
  • Courageous Conversations About Race, Zoom Series:
    • After the murder of George Floyd, Principal Megan Keefer along with the Anti-Defamation League's No Place for Hate Cal High liaison, Samantha Brown, joined together with student leaders and the PTSA Inclusion & Diversity lead, Heather Vaughan, to host a series of "Courageous Conversations About Race" with a goal to create an anti-racist community within the Cal High Campus (both in real life and online).  During the conversations, student moderators lead conversations with a focus on sharing their experiences and working to create solutions to counter stereotypes, lift up minorities and create student bonding.