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Purchase Requisition

  • plan ahead (allow 2 weeks to process) for your purchases
  • fill in highlighted areas (handwrite or fill online if using Adobe software)
  • obtain approval from your curriculum / dept leader (email or signature)
  • email or drop off the completed purchase requisition form to the Finance office (Trisa Kent)
  • Purchase Requisition Form



  • for small purchases (less than $200) that you make on your own
  • submit reimbursements MONTHLY (pretty please)
  • original receipts required (not order confirmation, not shipping confirmation, etc) 
  • do not mix personal & school purchases on same receipt
  • include list of attendees if applicable
  • fill in highlighted areas (handwrite or fill online if using Adobe software)
  • drop off the completed reimbursement form WITH ORIGINAL RECEIPTS to the Finance office (Trisa Kent)
  • Reimbursement Form 


Donations (for field trips, classroom supplies/equipment, etc)

  • prefer use webstore for donations - see Trisa Kent to have a donation button added to webstore
  • send students to Finance office at brunch & lunch to make donations
  • if you collect $ - bring cash & checks to the Finance office DAILY (money should not be in classrooms overnight)
    • put in envelope with class roster list, check mark next to student's name that donated
    • all checks made payable to Cal Hi (never to your name)


Department Financials

  • how much money do I have? how much have I spent?
  • monthly financial reports will be sent to the curriculum leader / dept head by the 15th of each month
  • curriculum leader will manage money at a department level & should review at monthly staff meetings