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Primary Sources


Student Resources in Context

Science in Context

APS Physics

The American Physical Society has a range of journals that delve into the physical sciences. Click on the "Publications" tab to see the many journals you can access.  No password required but you must be on campus to access.

APS Physics

Global Issues in Context

Global Issues in Context

SIRS- Issues Researcher

Are you researching a topic that can be considered controversial? Start your research here for back ground information and analysis on over 330 issues. SIRS will presents both sides of the issue providing  you with a broad scope of information to fully understand the topic and make a well rounded argument. SIRS tackles topics such as health care reform, animal rights, medical ethics, world conflict, capital punishment, national security, surveillance and many more.



See Ms. Ogden, the library staff or your teacher for the password.

SIRS Discoverer

SIRS Discoverer     

SIRS Discoverer is a general reference database providing safe, reliable, curriculum-aligned content and features for use by students and educators in the Primary and early Secondary school market segment. It is the only resource for materials targeted to student research. All content is hand selected and indexed from over 2,100+ reliable high-quality sources. SIRS Discoverer is created with special care to provide for differentiated instruction and information literacy requirements. High interest, relevant non-fiction newspaper and magazine articles, as well as graphs, tables and political cartoons are all easily accessible through easy-to-follow search and browse options.

Access Discoverer Website




Culturegrams is an online resource of reports on 209 countries, each U.S. state, and all 13 Canadian provinces and territories. Reports contain information on daily life and culture, including the history, customs, and lifestyles of the world's people, as well as audio, video, images, maps, infographics, and classroom exercises. The content is written at a range of reading levels to support a variety of users.

Access Culturegrams



eLibrary delivers one of the largest general reference collections of periodical and digital media content designed to support every range of users, including middle and high school students, college-prep and college-level researchers, and professional educators. Educators can search for resources that correlate to state and national standards, including Common Core State Standards. eLibrary’s updated interface and features make research easy. Researchers will find the answers they need from more than 1,700 full-text magazines, newspapers, books, and transcript titles, plus a collection of over 7 million maps, pictures, weblinks, and audio/video files.

Access eLibrary

Research Companion

ProQuest Research Companion (Grades 8+; students need to be 13 or older to create an individual account within the product) is an intuitive, and self-guided product that supports information literacy, writing, and research skills instruction occurring in today's libraries, classrooms, and online learning environments. It provides a new foundation and companion to "one-shot" sessions, allowing librarians and educators to focus on teaching the more complex research and writing principles.

Access Proquest

Central Student

ProQuest Central Student     

ProQuest Central Student is designed to bring instant results to users across thousands of journals, magazines, newspapers, videos, reports, and other types of content. This multidisciplinary resource brings together some of ProQuest’s most used databases in education, humanities, psychology, science, social sciences, and news.

Access ProQuest Central Student

Contra Costa County Library

Research Center and Databases:  Use your public library card to find authoratative sources for your research papers. Databases are accessible from any computer.

This collection of premium online resources is selected and provided by the Contra Costa County Library. Many of these resources are not found on the web and only available to Library card holders.

Alameda County Library

Research Center and Databases:

The library offers many thousands of dollars' worth of online subscriptions at the click of a mouse. Articles can be e-mailed, printed or downloaded.

Note: You must have an Alameda County Library card to use these resources from home. You may sign up for a card online in a matter of minutes if you are a resident of Alameda County.

Google Scholar

Google scholar searches the web for scholarly articles. While not everything it pulls up will be full, free access. You can then search for the full article in one of the databases!

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