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Club Advisor Information

Responsibilities of Club Advisors


The advisor must attend and supervise all meetings, events, and activities of the club/class and assure that meeting minutes are taken and filed by club.  Students should not plan any of the above club functions without your approval.
  1. For those clubs who collect dues, donations or host fundraisers:  The advisor is responsible for the annual budget of the club/class.  This needs to be filed with bookkeeper.  Clubs must be self-supporting through club fundraising activities.
  2. The advisor is responsible for the supervision and collection of all funds.  This includes picking up the cash box if one has been requested for a fundraising event and supervising at the event.  Collection of club membership is done by advisor.  All funds must be readied for deposit and locked in the school safe.  Money should never be locked in a file cabinet, given to a student for safekeeping, or taken home. 
  3. IMPORTANT:  Any student, who the club wants to pay for services, must be pre-approved by Admin (both the service provided and hours estimated for completion).  This is a mandatory.  After admin approval, admin will direct student to District offices for paperwork completion to be cleared by district for payment by them.  After district has cleared the student as an employee, student may fill out and turn in a district extra pay time sheet for hours when he or she has worked on that event.  District will pay student and club will reimburse district for expense of hours paid.  No student will be paid as an independent contractor, submitting an invoice for services. 
  4. IMPORTANT:  Student scholarships/awards:  The dollar limit for the award  is $200.  Payment will be made to college or university they are attending not the student.  


Fundraiser Approval Form