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Academic Planning

CHS Counselors are here to support students in planning their high school education and beyond. Whether students are hoping to attend prestigious universities, community colleges, or trade schools, there are courses at Cal High that allow students to explore their interests and prepare for the next step.

Academic support

When a student is struggling academically, there is a lot of support offered on campus to help. The first thing a student should always do is reach out directly to his or her teachers for support. They are the best people to assess what a student needs to do to improve. 


Cal High's schedule has a built in 30-minute tutorial period 4 days per week (every day but Wednesday) for students to get extra help from their teachers. 

How does it work?

1. Talk to the teacher you hope to see for tutorial to obtain a pass. You must do this before the desired tutoiral period. 

2. On the day you have scheduled with your teacher, show your 1st or 2nd period teacher the tutorial pass and have it signed. You should be released at the beginning of the tutorial period to attend the designated class. 

3. Should your tutorial pass to the tutorial teacher and have it signed to verfiy your attendance. 

Tips to make tutorial work for you

Be prepared and proactive -do not rely on this time to do homework that is due that day.

By completing your homework the night it is assigned, you can use tutorial the day before it is due for help if you have questions. 

If you don't need additional help from any of your teachers, this time is a gift! Use it to get ahead of homework, studying and projects you need to work on. 

Peer Tutoring

National Honors Society students are available for tutoring for any subject in Ms. Saiki's room 211 during lunch every day and after school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 

If students need help in math, they can get a math tuorial pass from their math teacher and any day and get math tutoring in in Ms. Saiki's room 211 during every tutorial period. 

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