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Volunteers Needed for Walk-thru Registration

Please go to our online signup to view the slots we need filled and sign-up to help if you can.  You will receive confirmation details and a reminder message a few days before.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to register without waiting in line (1st shift volunteers towards the END of their shift and 2nd shift volunteers BEFORE their shift begins). Students are welcome to volunteer too.  Thank you for volunteering!

Cal High Registration

Registration Steps

  1. SRVUSD Annual Update (see information below)

  2. School Registration Process (see information below)

  3. If you volunteer at an SRVUSD school and your information has changed, visit the Volunteer Management Svstem to make updates.


SRVUSD Annual Update

San Ramon Valley Unified parents are asked to complete an online “Annual Update” to verify household and emergency contact information and complete the annual release acknowledgement and permission requirements.

Complete the District Online Annual Update using your Parent Portal in Infinite Campus.

The Annual Update window for the 2019-20 school year is scheduled to open on Monday, June 17 for California High School. Complete the district online Annual Update using your Parent Portal in Infinite Campus. To begin the process, click on the Annual Update link located in the bottom left corner of your Welcome page titled “Online Enrollment Annual Update”.

Only one Annual Update is required for each family at a primary address. You will receive a confirmation email following completion of the Annual Update process.

If you have questions about the Annual Update Process, please visit the Annual Update FAQs.


Cal High Registration

Registration for the 2019-2020 School Year is now open! In addition to the SRVUSD Annual Update (see above), the Cal High specific registration is available.  Please go to the Future Fund Registration page to complete this process.  

After the completion of your registration, you will not be able to go back if you forgot to purchase anything.  In order to do this, please visit the Future Fund Store for any additional purchases/donations.

*The registration website is not sponsored by the school. Information provided on this website may be available to Parent Teacher Associations and other educational benefit foundations, as well as school personnel, as required.



Visit the Volunteer Management Svstem to update your information or to register to volunteer if you have not done so previously.

Try Traffix!

The TRAFFIX bus program has made significant improvement in reducing traffic congestion at high schools and middle schools in the most congested parts of Danville and San Ramon.

Parents are saving time and money and kids love riding the bus. This helps your student build confidence and independence while doing a great community service in getting cars off the road during rush hour and school pick-ups.

Follow the link below to learn more about the TRAFFIX school bus program celebrating 10 years of safely transporting students to and from school while significantly  reducing traffic congestion.

Ride Traffix Bus