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Calendar 2021-2022

*PTSA organized event

October 2021

  • Hispanic Heritage Month
  • 5: Heritage Event
  • 6 : Staff Appreciation Coffee*
  • 11: PTSA Meeting. 6-8pm*
  • 13:  PSAT
  • 25:  United Grizzlies
  • 26-27:  Drama fall show
  • 28: Parent ed presentation "Responding to Discrimination and Hate"* 
  • 29: Staff Appreciation Lunch*

November 2021

  • 1-2: No School
  • 8: PTSA Meeting. 6-8pm*
  • 8-19: Thanksgiving food drive
  • 10 Coffee with Counselors
  • 17 Teacher appreciation coffee*
  • 11: Veteran's day-no school
  • 12: No school
  • 22-26: Thanksgiving break
  • 29: Start Sister school- Winter Toy drive*
  • 29 Extended Reflections deadline

December 2021

  • 2022 Senior celebrations planning meeting
  • 10: End Sister School Winter Toy drive
  • 10:Reflections art Showcase at Cal High Theater 5 pm
  • 15: Visit Sister School-Michelle Obama Elementary for Winter Toy drive
  • 17-22: Finals
  • 21 Staff Appreciation Lunch*
  • 23: Start Winter break

January 2022

  • 3-7 Winter break
  • 18 PTSA Meeting 6-8pm*
  • 11 Grad Night Mtg 7pm*
  • 17 Marten Luther King jr 
  • 25 Minimum day

February 2022

  • African American History month
  • Grad Night meeting
  • 11 Teacher appreciation Valentine's dessert and sweets bar*.
  • 15 PTSA Meeting 6-8pm
  • 21 Presidents Day Holiday 
  • 22 No School - Staff Develpoment day
  • TBD


March 2022

  • Womens History Month
  • Grad Night meeting*
  • 11 No School
  • 14 PTSA Meeting 6-8pm*
  • 22 Minimum day - Staff Develpoment day
  • 22 Staff luncheon prepared by Culinary arts program*


April 2022

  • Autism Awareness Month
  • 4-8 Spring break
  • 11 PTSA Meeting 6-8pm
  • 14 2022 Senior celebrations planning meeting

May 2022

  • Asian Pacific Heritage Month
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • 9 brief PTSA Meeting 7-7:30pm in Zoom
  • 9 PTSA Board Meeting
  • 30 Memorial Day
  • 31 Finals

June 2022

  • Staff Breakfast*.
  • 1-2 Finals
  • 2 Last day of school


2021-2022 PTSA Association Meetings

6:00-8:00 pm Virtual Zoom

Second Monday of the Month

- unless stated otherwise.

All Cal High community members are welcome (students and adults). Pre-registration required

Preliminary Keynote Speakers:

  • Aug. 16:  Principal Megan Keefer-Welcome 2021-22
  • Sept. 13: Speakers  Mr.Troy Bristol & Ms. Hanna Chen; New Leadership teachers
  • Oct. 11: Speaker Mr.Chris deClercq, new Athletic Director
  • Nov. 8: Speaker  Mr.Javier Cerna, band director and Cal High Counseling team
  • Dec. 13: Executive Board only 
  • Jan. 18: TownHall Q&A with Megan Keefer
  • Feb. 14: Speaker TBD     PTSA Nominations Meeting   
  • Mar. 14:  Speaker TBD   PTSA Election Meeting   
  • Apr. 11:  Speaker TBD      Last Meeting of the Year


PTSA Store

Please go to the Future Fund online store to purchase any of the following PTSA items:

  • PTSA Membership

  • Memory Bricks

  • PTSA Donations


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  • Twitter @calhighptsa
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Tax ID#

California High PTSA tax Id #68-0002426

Your donations are always welcome!

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Important PTSA Links

PTA Locker
7/15/19 4:07 PM
8/27/15 11:00 PM

California High PTSA



Cal High PTSA is committed to continuing our programs throughout the school year, now that we reached the new normal.  We will advocate and support our Grizzly students, families, and staff.

We encourage you to become a part of Cal High PTSA by becoming a member which does not obligate you to volunteer or to attend meetings although we welcome you to participate if you are interested.  [To join, see the PTSA Store information in the lower left column of this page.]

We invite you to explore this page to learn more about what we do.  A list of meeting dates is on the left and general meeting information is below. Meeting minutes are available on request for all PTSA members.

  1. President - Margret Roobol-Boza

  2. Secretary - Colleen Birmingham

  3. Treasurer - Jaime Kawanabe

  4. 1st VP Parent Engagement - Ravneet Julka

  5. 2nd VP - Legislation - Open

  6. Auditor - Janet Wong

  7. Parliamentarian - Heidi Ellicott-Pesic

  8. Historian - Sri Sundar

The board-Elect presented the Budget and Calendar for the 2022-2023 school year at the Monday May 9 association meeting.

PTSA Association Meeting General Agenda

Every Second Monday of the Month from 6 pm to 8 pm.

Meetings of the 2022-2023 School Year will be live in the School library .

 15 August 2022

 12 September 2022

 10 October 2022

 14 November 2022

 23 January 2023

 13 February 2023

 13 March  2023

 10 April 2023

 8 May 2023


The following is an example of a full Association meeting:

Please follow the PTA Virtual Meeting Code of Conduct 

  1. Call to Order and Welcome (PTSA President)

  2. Presentation:  KEYNOTE:  invited speaker

  3. PTSA Association Business

Cal High Reports

  1. Principals Report (Principal and/or Assistant Principal)

  2. Teacher/Staff Report (Teacher Representative)

  3. Student leader Report (Student Representative)

  4. Academic Boosters (Booster President)* 

  5. Cal Athletic Boosters (Booster President)* 

  6. Drama Boosters (Booster President)* 

  7. Instrumental Music Boosters (Booster President)*

Cal High PTSA Business and Reports

  1. President's Report

  2. Minutes (Secretary)

  3. Financials (Treasurer) 

  4. Membership (Registration & Membership chair)

  5. Historian#

  6. Auditor#

  7. Officers and Committee Reports#

    1. VP Family and Parent Engagement 

    2. VP Legislation 

    3. Communications:  Bear Facts 

    4. Exceptional Education

    5. Hospitality/Staff Appreciation 

    6. Inclusion and Diversity 

    7. Memory Brick 

    8. Grad Night

    9. Reflections

    10. Run for Education

    11. Scholarships

    12. Sister School

    13. Health & Wellness

    14. Social Media 

    15. Honorary Service Awards

  1. Adjourn

*Reports only when a representative is present at the meeting

#Reports only when needed at certain designated meetings

Class of 2022

Call All Parents of 2022 Grads!


We continue the planning process for Grad Night 2022.  Our next meetings will be live.

Contact the Grad Night committee for location and details. 

Questions?  Contact Jessica Johnston or Audra Carrion, Co-Chairs of Grad Night 2022 at

Volunteers needed for set up, chaperone and cleaning the night of...



2021-22 Cal High PTSA Board

PTSA  Board Officers for 2021-22 school year:

  • President:  Margret Roobol
  • VP Family Engagement:  Anshu Jain
  • VP Legislative Advocacy:  Kristie Vallinayagam
  • Treasurer:  Karen Robman
  • Secretary:  Betsy Horvath
  • Auditor:  Janet Wong
  • Parliamentarian:  Heidi Ellicott-Pesic
  • Historian:  Nicholas Harvey

Communications-Bear Facts Tracy O'Brien
Exceptional Education Deb Hart
Grad Nt 2022 Jessica Johnston
Grad Nt 2022 Audra Carrion
Health and Wellness OPEN  
Honorary Service Awards Abby Bronzini
Hospitality/Staff Apprec Rema Chazbek
Inclusion & Diversity Heather Vaughan
Inclusion & Diversity Dyuthi Kumar
Membership Anne-Marie Vanniasinkam
Memory Brick Kathy Stout
Run for Education Karen Robman
Reflections Melanie James
Registration Karen Robman
Registration Anne-Marie Vanniasinkam
Scholarship Sri Sundar
Sister School Sharlie Sellars
Social Media Deb Hart
Staff Rep Bob Allen
Student Reps Sophia Kraskowsky


Bear Facts is our weekly newsletter for Cal High.  Articles include information from Cal High, Cal High student/parent organizations, SRVUSD, and PTSA. 

If you didn't receive the Bear Facts email last year, or are not receiving now [emailed Mon/Tues of each week], then click on the button below to join the email list or update your profile.  Be sure to check the box for California HS.

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Bear Facts only publishes information provided from Cal High School, Cal High clubs/organizations, PTSA/PTA, and SRVUSD.  We cannot publish information from outside organizations that are not approved by the Council of PTAs, SRVUSD or Cal High.  We are not allowed to advertise. 

If you would like to request submitting an article for one of the included organizations,

  • Email 
  • Articles are usually due by Thursday 8 pm
  • Articles should be worded exactly as you want it in the Bear Facts, and should be brief.  To keep it brief but still contain all the information need, you can include a link that will provide more detailed information.


About CAl High PTSA

Name of Unit:  California High PTSA

PTA Council:  San Ramon Valley Council of PTAs

PTA District:  32nd District

California State PTA ID#:  2734

National PTA ID#:  00011773

Tax ID#:  68-0002426

The California High Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) was organized in 1983, and is a member of the San Ramon Valley Council of PTAs, the 32nd District PTA, California PTA, and the National PTA.   We strive to support and speak on behalf of all children and youth in our school and in our community. We promote opportunities for parents to address the needs of high school students and we foster a positive partnership between parents, teachers, students and the community.

The goals of the California High PTSA are:

  • foster communication and collaboration between home and school

  • support a welcoming and inclusive school community

  • encourage life-long learning and well-being for parents, students and staff

  • inform our parent community about legislation that benefits all children

We invite all California High School parents, students, and teachers to join and become involved in our PTSA. There are many opportunities to make a difference in our school and community!

All parents, staff, students and community members are encouraged to support the California High PTSA.

Click here to become a member today!  

Click on 2021-22 Cal High PTSA Board to see the list of officers and chairs.

Questions?  Email


Our PTSA Programs

  • Bear Facts Newsletter
  • Celebrating Campus Arts 
  • Exceptional Education 
  • Senior Grad Night
  • Health & Wellness
  • Honorary Service Awards
  • Hospitality/Staff Appreciation
  • Inclusion & Diversity
  • Legislative Info and Action
  • Membership & Registration
  • Memory Brick Fundraiser
  • Parent Education
  • Reflections Art Program
  • Scholarships
  • Sister School-Michelle Obama Elementary
  • Social Media
  • Site Council Liaison
  • SRVEF Run for Education


Thank You:

Thank you, Rema Chazbek and volunteers Gunpreet  and Gita , for showing our Teachers and Staff such Appreciation by arranging a wonderful luncheon outside the library 5/6 in name of the PTSA.


Thank you Shari Sellars, Sister School Chair, for all you hard work and patience organizing the toy drive together with the leadership students. You made certain that Cal High was able to make a lot of kids at Michele Obama Elementary happy for the holidays.

Thank you Melanie James, Arts Reflections Chair, for a tremendous job in organizing the Cal High Art contributions AND also shouldering the weight of organizing the district showcase at our school. Your creativity and endurance kept the show on the road.

Thank you to all those who volunteered to help with textbook distribution. With your help we reduced the distribution time to only one week.

Thank you Rema Chazbek, Hospitality Chair '21/'22, for providing the Welcome staff luncheon, the day before school was in session.  Our teachers and staff need to know how much we appreciate them!


Thank you Heather Vaughan, '20/'21 Inclusion & Diversity Chair, for collaborating and organizing with students, staff, and admin for a week of Cal Cares Words Matter.  The speakers, discussion, online activities, and projects helped us all become more aware of how we can care more and make a difference in our community.


Thank you Melanie James, Reflections Chair, for promoting the arts through organizing again the 2021 Reflections Art Program for  our Cal High Students!  We have amazing student entries and are so proud of all of their work.


Thank you to Betsy Horvath, '20/'21 Sister School Chair, for organizing the 2020 Winter Toy drive for our Sister School, Michelle Obama Elementary with our Cal High Leadership  students.


Thank you to Heather Vaughan for planning and organizing the 2020 Deck the Den activity to support and bring cheer to our Cal High staff.


Thank you Lacy Canton and Patty Mullins for creating the Virtual Wellness Center for Cal High.

Cal High PTSA meetings and programs: