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California Scholarship Federation Club (CSF)

Club President(s):  Megan Hoang and Sarah Zhang


Contact (email):  School Loop Mail for students


Advisor: Mr. Raser


Advisor Contact:


Location:    T1


Meeting Dates/Times:   Beg of semester at Lunch – see Mr. Raser for more info.


Club website:



Club Purpose:                  


The California Scholarship Federation, known as CSF, is a state-wide organization whose purpose is to recognize students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement. Qualifying for membership is on a semester basis following a point system which requires A's and B's in the most difficult classes. To become a lifetime member, a Sealbearer, students must have qualified for 4 semesters during their last 3 Years of high school, including one semester in the senior year. At graduation lifetime members receive a special seal on their diploma, a certificate, pin and gold cords to be worn at the ceremony.