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Elementary School Outreach!

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Engineering Classroom Pics

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Academy Students at Work

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Status area

Do you like working on Hands-on Projects? Do you ever wonder how things work? Do you like desiging and seeing your ideas come to life?

Then think about the Engineering Academy!

Students in the Engineering Academy will take courses in Engineering while taking their core classes (English, history and Math) with a group of students and a team of teachers. Students will complete integrated projects, attend Engineering related field trips and work with community mentors during the three year program.

Sophomores are eligible to apply during the Spring of their freshman year. See your counselor for more information

Engineering Academy Staff 2011-2012

 Engineering Academy Staff 2011-2012

Pathway Team

Steve Dick
Pathway Lead Teacher & Civil Engineering & Architecture (CEA)

Dr. John Reed
Introduction to Engineering Design (IED)
Principles of Engineering (POE)
Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)

Debbie Sater

Bev Hall

Sarah Wondolowski
Lead Administrator






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