Science in Context

Science in Context- covers science, mathematics, technology and sciences histories and biographies. This database pulls from reference materials and periodicals such as "Science Weekly" and "Science News." It also contains images, videos and experiments.


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Opposing Viewpoints

Opposing Viewpoints is a great resource for exploring current issues under debate. It examines topics from varying lenses and presents a holistic picture of the subject.

SIRS- Issues Researcher

Are you researching a topic that can be considered controversial? Start you r research here for back ground information and analysis on over 330 issues. SIRS will presents both sides of the issue providing  you with a broad scope of information to fully understand the topic and make a well rounded argument. SIRS tackles topics such as health care reform, animal rights, medical ethics, world conflict, capital punishment, national security, surveillance and many more.

SIRS-Issues Researcher

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Gale Student Resources in Context

Student Resources in Context provides holistic topic perspectives by integrating a multitude of content, including:

  • Reference articles from acclaimed publications like American Decades
  • Periodical and newspaper articles from the "New York Times", "USA Today", and many others
  • Primary sources
  • Multimedia records, including charts, graphs, maps and tables
  • Video and audio content from NBC, NPR and many other respected sources

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Congressional Digest

Congressional Digest Debates: ( Search through Congressional Digest Pro & Con, Supreme Court Debates and International Debates publications at the same time.

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You are familiar with this site as an aid for creating citations for your bibliographies. We subscribe to an educational module that allows you to create note cards, import your bibliography directly to Google Docs, and will evaluate your resources to show you if your websites are reputable and your sources are varied. You need to register using an email address and a coupon code to gain access to the new features. If you already have an account, you just need to login and apply the code.


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Science Magazine

Science is the magazine of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Our staff and students have access to print version as well as electronic access to the following:

  • Science: 1997-current issue, except Science Express PDF articles
    (Note: research papers in Science Express become available under this subscription after publication in the print version of the journal.)
  • Science Classic: 1880-1996
  • ScienceNOW
  • Science of Aging Knowledge Environment Archive
  • All Free Content on the site

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Gale Virtual Reference Library

This is the link to our eBook collections. We have eBooks in general social studies, government, literature, medicine, sciences and psychology. There is unlimited access to all materials, no expiration date.

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Contra Costa County Library

Research Center and Databases:  Use your public library card to find authorataive sources for your research papers. Databases are accessible from any computer.

This collection of premium online resources is selected and provided by the Contra Costa County Library. Many of these resources are not found on the web and only available to Library card holders.

Alameda County Library

Research Center and Databases:

The library offers many thousands of dollars' worth of online subscriptions at the click of a mouse. Articles can be e-mailed, printed or downloaded.

Note: You must have an Alameda County Library card to use these resources from home. Login to access these resources

Google Scholar

Google scholar searches the web for scholarly articles. While not everything it pulls up will be full, free access. You can then search for the full article in one of the databases!

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