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Student- Class Registration Instructions

1.  Go to Cal High Website

2. Click on Infinite Campus Parent Portal

3.  Input Student Username and Password

a.Student User Name: Student ID 

b.Password: first initial, last initial, 6-digit birthdate (for example: if my name is Cal Grizzly and I was born on January 6, 1998, password would be cg010698)

4.Click on REGISTRATION 2014-15

a.PLEASE NOTE THAT COURSE REQUESTS CAN ONLY BE DONE BY THE STUDENT THROUGH THE STUDENT’S ACCOUNT.  Parents: please do not sign in for your student. This can mess up the student’s login capabilities.

5.Click on “Course Search” from tab on top of page.

6.Type in the name of the course you are requesting in the Course Name field. Click Go. The course name will appear at the right.  HINT: Search field is very sensitive. It is easiest to type in the first few letters and click GO. Or you may leave search field blank and click GO to see all courses offered.

  1. After you click GO, click the course name to view.
  2. Click on the “Request Course” tab under the course name if this is the course you want to add.
  3. Repeat steps for other courses.
  4. To delete a request, click on the course name listed under Requested Courses. Click on Drop Request.

7.When all courses have been selected, click on the “PRINT REQUEST SUMMARY” link at the top of the page. Your summary is the form that must be signed by a parent/guardian and RETURNED ON YOUR SCHEDULED DATE.

8.If you fail to turn in the form by your turn in date or unsigned by your parent, your form will be considered LATE and you may lose priority for elective classes.

9.To log out, click on “Sign Out” in the upper right hand side of the screen.





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