Cal High History

History of California High School

California High School, located in San Ramon, is named for the state in which it is located. The school’s mascot is the Grizzly bear.  California High School, commonly referred to as Cal High, was built in 1973.  It is one of four high schools in the San Ramon Unified School District.  The first principal was Ernie Berger.  Former California High teacher Sue Goddard said, “Ernie was fabulous! He was open-minded, flexible, and everyone loved him.” Cal High started off with 1700 students and now has grown to over 2400 students. The school’s crest depicts the rich mountains, deserts, and coastline of California.  California High School was given the Blue Ribbon School Award by the United States Department Education in 2006 and in 2011, Newsweek recognized California High School as one of the top 250 high schools in America.