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Thank You!

Thank you to CAB for funding the following items over the past two years for our athletic programs:

-Championship Banners in the Event Center (Athletic Dept.)

-Lacrosse Goals (Men's & Women's Lacrosse)

-Scoreboard Controls (Men's & Women's Swimming & Water Polo)

-Portable Batting Cage (Baseball)

-Climbing Ropes (Wrestling)

-Electrical Upgrade to Field Box (Men's & Women's Track & Field)

-Electrical Upgrade to Grizzly Grill (CAB)

-Athlete of the Month Shirts (Athletic Dept.-Leadership-CAB)

-Coaches Shirts (Athletic Dept.)

-Jump Start Funds (ALL Athletic Programs-Annual)

Grizzly Apparel:

Use the link below to purchase Cal High Spiritwear!