Math and Science Course Advancement

Accelerated Algebra 2 Testing Plan

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SRVUSD recognizes that some students want to challenge themselves academically beyond the classroom. Course advancement is one opportunity available for our students. Students may enroll in an approved math or science course of study outside of SRVUSD that may lead to course advancement. We also recognize that advancement is not for all students. Families must determine if their student(s) can manage the fast pace curriculum delivery.


A student may begin taking courses for advancement purposes no earlier than the spring semester of their 8th grade year. Students must complete and return the SRVUSD Advancement Form. 


Students who complete a math advancement course must take an SRVUSD endofyear assessment. The assessment will be administered in August of each year. Placement in the next level course will be determined by the score earned on the endof year assessment.


Science advancement is based on the student’s grade in the nondistrict course. (More details on placement in both math and science courses are available on the Advancement Form.) For further information regarding the advancement process, please contact your middle or high school counselor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Purpose:  The purpose of the Advancement Program is to allow students the opportunity to challenge themselves by enrolling in courses outside the SRVUSD (Non-District Course) and advance to higher course levels within the SRVUSD.

How early can a student start?  Middle school students may begin in the fall of their 8th grade year.  

What are the requirements?  See the Advancement form on the Cal High Counseling web site ( 

What courses can I use?  The courses must:  Be taken at a (AASC) Accrediting Association of Schools and Colleges institution, be documented on an official transcript, issue a letter grade, and have credit associated with the course.  For a list of UC approved on-line courses, please see the following website You will choose “a-g Course Lists” and type in the school name. All approved courses for that institution will be listed.  Please note this quote from the UC web site stating that, “UC will not accept any on-line courses in the areas of visual and performing arts (VPA) or laboratory science, unless science courses require an on-site wet lab component”.

Will the course be added to the Cal High transcript?  Courses completed outside of SRVUSD are not placed on the student’s high school transcript unless they are a function of the student’s six-class program or a remediation of an F grade to fulfill graduation requirements.  It is the student’s responsibility to request a transcript from the institution when applying to colleges.

Note:  Students who are considering advancement must meet the advancement policy grade requirements as well as the SRVUSD pre requisites for the higher level course.  Last, space into the course they wish to advance into is not guaranteed. Students will be taking a placement test in math to determine whether they are ready to go to the next level in math.