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Teaching Staff

Cal High Staff 2017-18

Cal High Staff 2017-18


Accomazzo, Joan Staff
Albano, Fred (925) 803-3283 Algebra 2 , Accelerated Algebra 2
Alexeeff, Anatoly Teacher
Allen, Bob (925) 803-3396 Algebra 1 Enriched 1 and Geometry
Anderson, Dina Teacher
Anderson, Michelle Teacher
Andrews, Brandon Teacher
Armstrong, Stephen (925) 803-3225 ex.24825 Teacher
Barr, Brian Teacher
Battu, Vinita (925) 803-3250 ex.24850 Staff
Bellini, Becky (925) 803-3220 Staff
Bible, Jennifer Teacher
Billeci, Eric Staff
Billeci, Eric Teacher
Bitnoff, Julie (925) 803-3200 ex.24828 Teacher
Block, Ann (925) 803-3200 ex.24989 Teacher
Bowen, Bradley Teacher
Boyd, Jenna Teacher
Breton, Lisa (925) 803-3200 ex.24837 Teacher
Briggs, Andy (925) 803-3262 ex.24862 Assistant Principal
Brindley, Srta. (925) 803-3368 ex.24968 Teacher
Bristol, Troy Teacher
Caddy, Danielle Teacher
Cahn, Randy Teacher
Carpenter, Barbara Teacher
Carvalheira, Jessica Teacher
Castillo, Linda (925) 803-3200 Geometry
Cheng, Hannah Social Studies Teacher
Chilcott, John Teacher
Christensen, Sarah Teacher
Clark, Ginger Teacher
Coburn, Brian (925) 803-3377 ex.4977 Teacher
Colard, Sarah (925) 803-3369 Teacher
Condon, Joanna (925) 803-3200 ex.24241 Biology & Biomed Teacher
Conklin, Peggy Teacher
Conklin1, Peggy (925) 803-3221 Staff
Conroy, Tim (925) 803-3323 ex.24323 Algebra 1
Cook, Ryan Teacher
Cooper, Theresa Teacher
Cranford, Sarah Principal
Curach-Turner, Michelle Teacher
Dautel, Ross Teacher
Dillman, Jean (925) 803-3327 ex.24327/VM-24927 AP Calculus AB/BC
Doherty, Chris Teacher
Edgren, Bev Staff
Espinoza, Kusy Teacher
Fanene, Joshua Teacher
Fitch, Susan Teacher
Fitch, Susie Staff
Fortayon, Greg (925) 803-3273 ex.24873 Teacher
Fortayon, Paul Teacher
Futterman, David (925) 803-3200 ex.24919 Teacher
Gagnon, Shanna Teacher
Gilbert, Julie (925) 803-3200 ex.Ext 24975 Spanish Teacher
Goldenberg, Rachelle "Mrs. G" (925) 803-3261 School Counselor
Green, Connor Teacher
Guerrero, Jacqueline Teacher
Gulyas, Tyler Teacher
Haar, Crista (925) 803-3200 ex.24387 Teacher
Haase, Jamie Teacher
Hall, Bev Teacher
Hawkins, Catie Assistant Principal
Hawkins, Catie Teacher
Heagle, Jessica (925) 803-3200 ex.24970 Teacher
Hill, Erin Staff
Hodges, Scott Teacher
Hunt, Chelsea Teacher
Isaacs, Wendy Staff
Johnson, Kent Teacher
Kautzmann, Sheridan Teacher
Kershaw, Miranda Teacher
Khan, Tasneem (925) 803-3200 ex.24875 Teacher
Khoo, Anthony (925) 803-3325 ex.24325 Algebra 1
Kim, Abraham Teacher
King, Kelly (925) 803-3264 ex.24864 Algebra 1/A1E1
King, Sean Teacher
Kravitz, Alex Staff
Kretsch, Katrina (925) 803-3221 Geometry, Algebra 2
Levey, Theodore (925) 803-3200 ex.x. 24951 Teacher
Linda, Thomas Teacher
Lisle, Kristina ex.x24318 Algebra 1 / A1E1
Lyon, Regina Teacher
Malfatti, Alyssa Teacher
Manning, Devan Teacher
Martins, Kathleen Assistant Principal
Marx, Cindy Staff
Mascote, Michelle Teacher
Mason, Doug (925) 803-3239 Teacher
Matthews, Lenard Teacher
McCoy, Kelly Teacher
McDermott, Mike (925) 803-3245 ex.24845 Algebra 1
McFerrin, Erin Teacher
McKavish, Shanin (925) 803-3387 ex.24987 Teacher
McQuay, Colleen Teacher
Meads, Jenny (925) 803-3212 ex.24810 staff
Melvin, Jessica Teacher
Miller, Wendy Staff
Montague, Donna (925) 803-3252 Teacher
Myers, Elizabeth Teacher
Newman, Roxanne Staff
Nguyen, Anh (925) 803-3200 Precalc/Trig, AP Computer Science A
Niazi, Ghazala Teacher
Niemoeller, Christine Teacher
Nimmo, Allison Teacher
Norton, Gunilla Staff
Nudelman, Sharon Staff
O'Malley, Patricia Teacher
Obaiza, Eghosa Teacher
Ogden, Nicole Teacher
Orozco, Lucas (925) 803-3200 ex.24255 Geometry & VS Net
Orr, Dudley Teacher
Pacheco, Theresa Teacher
Parker-Lewis, Rachael Staff
Parsons, Erin Teacher
Patton, Nicholas Teacher
Perotti, Evonne (925) 803-3200 ex.24946 Teacher
Pimentel, Angela Teacher
Pitts, Robert (925) 803-3321 ex.24921 Geometry, Statistics
Pottinger, Michael (925) 803-3235 Teacher
Prodoehl, Danny Teacher
Quick, Brandon Teacher
Quick, Stacey (925) 803-3340 Teacher
Quijas, Sylvia Teacher
Raser, Sean (925) 803-3200 ex.24996 AP Computer Science Principles, Algebra 2
Rasmus, Ingrid (925) 803-3200 ex.24973 Teacher
Ray, Jenna Geometry and Leadership
Reed, John (925) 803-3363 ex.925-803-3200 ext. 24963 Teacher
Richards, Katie (925) 803-3200 ex.24864 and 24293 Teacher
Richardson-Gipson, Sarah Teacher
Romoser, Sue Teacher
Saiki, Janice (925) 803-3200 ex.24869 AP Calculus AB, Algebra 2, Calculus
Sandusky, David Teacher - Science
Sarkany, Jack (925) 803-3200 ex.24379 Curriculum Leader/Teacher
Sater, Debbie (925) 803-3232 Teacher
Scott, Alana Teacher
Seabury, Kathleen Teacher
Shasky, Allison Teacher
Shea, Nicholas Teacher
Siegel, Ryane (925) 803-3213 ex.24813 Teacher
Singh, Jatinder (925) 803-3200 ex.24920 Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus (Regular)
Smith, Amy Teacher
Smith, Debbie (925) 606-3200 ex.24829 Teacher
Spain, Bob Assistant Principal
Steadman, Erica Teacher
Sussman, Joe (925) 803-3200 ex.2-4888 Teacher
Tangney, Leanne Teacher
Teslich, Christina Teacher
Thomas, Gilita Teacher
Thuman, Eryn Teacher
Tinetti, Scott (925) 803-3371 Teacher
Tong, Jason Teacher
Traynor-Stephanos, Michelle (925) 803-3352 ex.X24352 Voice Mail - X24952 Teacher
Triebwasser, Gary (925) 803-3315 ex.24915 Honors Precalculus Algebra I
Tussy, Kathy (925) 803-3281 ex.24881 Teacher
Vargas, Rosemary (925) 803-3326 Geometry / Personal Finance
Varvitsiotes, Dina Staff
Vidrio, Edgard Teacher
Wafula, Fredrick Teacher
Wall, Eileen Staff
Wang, Wen-fang (925) 803-3357 ex.24957 Teacher
Weger, Luke (925) 803-3348 Speech and Language Therapist
Wheeler, Anja (925) 803-3200 ex.24903 Teacher
White, Andrew Teacher
Wieland, Lisa Teacher
Willson, Cary (925) 803-3200 ex.24866 Teacher
Wong, Renee Teacher
Woods, Laura (925) 803-3263 ex.24863 Teacher
Youngberg, Cheryl Counselor

Non-Discrimination Statement

San Ramon Valley Unified School District programs, activities, and practices shall be free from unlawful discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying based on actual or perceived race, color, ancestry, national origin, ethnic group identification, age, religion, marital or parental status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or gender expression; or on the basis of a person’s association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics.

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