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Fightin' Grizzlies Robotics

Just a Sunday Robotics Build Session

IMG_0251.JPG IMG_0252.JPG IMG_0253.JPG IMG_0254.JPG IMG_0255.JPG IMG_0256.JPG IMG_0257.JPG IMG_0258.JPG IMG_0259.JPG IMG_0273.JPG IMG_0271.JPG IMG_0270.JPG IMG_0269.JPG IMG_0268.JPG IMG_0267.JPG IMG_0266.JPG IMG_0265.JPG IMG_0264.JPG IMG_0263.JPG IMG_0260.JPG IMG_0261.JPG IMG_0262.JPG

We just competed in the DVHS VEX Tournament

Here's some photo's...

Our Shirt CalGames 2010-Friday Matches-165.JPG IMG_5941.jpg IMG_5956.jpg IMG_5954.jpg IMG_5953.jpg


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John Reed

About the Club

Next full club meeting is Tuesday, Dec. 4 at 3pm in the Career Tech building.